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Do you want to keep your pets fit and healthy? If so then it’s important to take some basic steps to keep your pet as fit and healthy as possible. Here are helpful tips:

  1. Jogging

Some dog breeds like to run and one way to give them a good cardiovascular workout is to go jogging with them. This will help to improve their blood pressure, boost their bone density and reduce stress, and increase their heart health.

It’s easy to take your dog with you on a jog. It’s one of the best ways to give them a good cardiovascular workout. It’s also a great way to motivate you and your dog to go outdoors and get in a good run. This will have a great effect on both of your health, which is definitely a plus.

When you go jogging keep your dog on a short leash. This activity not only helps to give your dog a good workout but also show you’re the leader and your pet pooch is the follower. That will help to build a better relationship with your pet.

If you’re just getting started with jogging then it’s important to take it easy at first. Warm-up with a 5-minute walk. Walk for a few minutes then jog for one. Continue this series until you’re ready to jog for longer periods of time.

In the case your dog has joint problems or is older then it’s a good idea to jog on grass or dirty instead of concrete. That’s because running on concrete is tougher on the joints.

  1. Race Fetch

This is an old-school game for dogs/owners and it’s a great one that gives your dog the need to hunt, chase, and chew. Your dog will get a great workout and you’ll have a chance to bond with your canine pet.

If you want to make the activity more fun you can use race fetch. Instead of throwing a ball or other toy you can toss it then race your dog to the item. In most cases your dog will get to the ball first but that’s ok because you’ll both be getting a workout.

Here’s another fetch game you can play. It’s a twist on the Piggy in the Middle game. Stand a good distance apart from another person. Toss the ball to the partner and watch your dog go after it. However, instead of giving the ball to the dog have the partner toss it back to you. Keep playing this game until your dog is tired enough for a nap.

  1. Stair Climbers

This is a great exercise because it’s a different exercise than regular walking/running. That’s because each step helps to strengthen your heart/lungs and muscles. Your dog can also benefit from stair climbing. It’s a great option if you want to reduce your pet’s high energy level. You can also use this activity indoors and outdoors so it’s a flexible activity.

There are various ways you can do this activity. It can involve just walking up/down the stairs a couple minutes. You can also go to the local high school stadium and walk up/down the bleachers there.

  1. Walking

Talking your dog for a walk might seem old-fashioned but it’s still an excellent way to give your pet a good workout. It doesn’t matter whether the walk is around your house or during your vacation. The key is it’s an excellent chance for your pet to get out of the house and explore and see/smell the different environments. This is critical because it allows your pet to explore different environments whether it’s near your home or elsewhere.

The most critical benefit of walking is you can build loyalty and trust by establishing yourself as the pack leader. This is critical in building a closer relationship with man’s best friend. How can you make the experience more fun by using a short leash so your dog will be close to you instead of using a retractable leash that lets your pet run ahead?

When your dog walks ahead of you it has the job of the pack leader and is watching everything around it except you. This can cause issues about who’s the boss in the relationship and can have negative effects on life at home.

The best time period for most walks is half an hour. If you have a high-energy breed you should walk for an hour instead. Make sure to mix up the walking with some jogging/sprinting. This will help to boost your dog’s heart rate/metabolism.

These are some of many activities you can use to make exercise more fun for you and your dog.